Personal Training Sessions

I offer home based personal trainingavailable at your home, office, housing complex fitness center, or the local park of your choice. The individualized attention of personal training is the best option for those who lack accountability and/or exercise knowledge, or for fitness hobbyists looking to augment their current training program.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Offered in-person or over Facetime/Skype. Ideal for people who need guidance, new ideas, or a complete overhaul. Includes personalized healthy lifestyle strategies and custom workout routine.

Why Personal Training?

Believe me, I understand why this profession isn’t as well respected as it could be. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of paying a gym trainer to stand there, make small-talk, count to ten, and watch you do the same five exercises three times a week, then you’ll likely roll your eyes at the notion that personal training might be a good investment. But rest assured, there are those of us who love this vocation and take great pride in it. I could go on and on about the ways exercise can improve your day-to-day life, change the way you see yourself, change the way others look at you, and provide mental benefits that outweigh even the physical ones. Instead, I’ll keep this concise and use a few bullet points to elucidate …why personal training?

  • You’re unlikely to show up at the gym on a regular basis and making appointments with a trainer helps keep you consistent.
  • You’re a fitness hobbyist and you want to explore new methods and styles of exercise.
  • You’re intimidated by gyms and it helps to have a professional guide you through workouts.
  • You have absolutely no idea what exercise is, but have heard wonderful things and want to try it.
  • You’ve plateaued in group exercise classes and would benefit from an individualized plan.
  • Your doctor has become incredibly insistent that you lose weight and you don’t have much of an idea where to begin.
  • You’ve been through a recent life change (e.g. divorce) and need to get back in shape as quickly as possible.
  • You’re recently retired and are looking for new, healthy activities to do.
  • You play a competitive sport and need properly programmed off-season physical preparation to perform better and help avoid in-season injuries.
  • You work harder when there’s someone yelling at you.
  • You work harder when there’s someone gently encouraging you.
  • Because it’s money you’ll never regret spending if you find the right person for the job.

With several years experience in the field, I have helped clients of all ages, lifestyles, and fitness levels to achieve their goals. I pride myself ability to create a great experience for gym members and clients, and specialize in cases where someone is new to gyms or has had difficulty with consistency and accountability. I particularly enjoy showing people the value of exercise by designing personalized programs suited to their goals and demonstrating that a workout can not only be fun, but it can be one of the best hours of your day. The right personal trainer can be one of the most important people you ever meet, because progressively enhancing health and fitness will change the way you view yourself, change the way others view you, and make every day of your life more enjoyable.

Client Testimonials:

“Every session with Dave has been a new adventure. He adds different wrinkles each week which are customized based on your goals and any physical limitations. This makes the program more interesting. The emphasis is on improving my posture, balance and stretching in a safe way. I look forward to each session.”
-Michael M.
“Dave is friendly, warm, and very knowledgeable. He tries hard to show the many variations of each movement and exercise to minimize boredom and injury. I very much enjoy my time with him.”
-Arthur L.

“I love the way Dave individualizes fitness programs. He crafts it to the person and teaches the stretching and workouts best suited to avoid injury from any of the sports I participate in. I am a long distance runner. As a member of the armed services it is very important I also stay in shape and Dave’s boxing program is amazing. It keeps me interested and motivated. He pushes me to excel without going overboard. He knows body mechanics to maximize my results. I always feel like I worked out, but I am never sore. Dave is the best exercise trainer I have ever worked with.”
-Diana B.

“I had a fantastic time as always at the fitness workshop and learned a lot that I can now incorporate into my exercise program to get the results I’ve been looking for without injuring myself.”
-Marge M.