Abs At The Bar

The floor isn’t the only place to work your midsection — some of the most challenging ab exercises are performed on the chin-up bar. The movements selected for today’s video test both strength and stability and involve a much wider variety of muscles than your average sit-up or crunch. Here are five midsection exercises on the bar…

Pulling Out Of Thin Air

If you love pull-ups as much as I do, you probably end up doing a lot of them, and when you do a lot of something, you’ll inevitably look for different ways to entertain yourself. There are the standard methods of progression like adding weight; then there are varieties of grips and leverage disadvantages that can also make this wonderful exercise more challenging. Today’s video demonstrates five pull-up variations.

Without A Leg To Stand On

Despite my propensity to skip leg day, the single leg squat (or “pistol squat”) has long been one of my favorites. A single leg squat to full depth requires strength, balance, flexibility, mobility — basically every significant physical quality of the lower body is challenged. Most importantly, it looks cool so you can impress your friends. Today’s video details a simple method of progressing the pistol.

One Sided Negotiation

So you’re still using two arms to do push-ups? We can fix that. Besides developing upper body strength and symmetry, the one arm push-up is a great exercise for midsection stability. This video details my favorite progression to use for working up to a one arm push-up. Make sure you can do at least five perfect reps with each variation before changing leverage or progressing to the next movement.

Showing You The Ropes

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A jump rope costs less than $10 (the one I use in this video was $2.79) and is a fantastic tool for performing high-intensity cardiovascular exercise with minimal space — especially useful when you’re stuck indoors on rainy days. Additionally, a rope workout can help you improve agility, balance and coordination. Learning to perform different moves keeps things interesting and these advanced techniques can be added to make workouts more challenging. Here are demonstrations of 5 different jump rope exercises…